Repurposed Old Library Card Catalogue

This is an old card catalogue discarded by a library. It is not the old, solid oak, all wood kind of catalogue, I wish! The drawer inserts are plastic, the chest is particle board, the stand is metal. The drawer front panels are real wood. It is a solidly built chest with very little damages and it’s a shame to let it go to the landfill.


After 4 rounds of sanding and 2 coats of primer, the chest was painted with 3 coats of terra cotta colour paint. (The black furry thing is my cat Inky. ) At this point I thought it might be nice to paint the drawer fronts in a different colour. But it’s too late. I bought a huge can of paint. I had to stick to the original plan.


The drawer front panels were sanded and primed. Ready for the paint.


Choosing hardware. I wanted a somewhat rustic look. I liked the one on the bottom right best, which was  not my #1 pick based on the online pictures. Unfortunately it was almost as wide as the drawer with only a quarter inch left on each side. I decided to go with the big round ring. I was glad I splurged $50 to order these samples. I would have picked the wrong one if I have relied on the online pictures.


Looking pretty good after 3 coats of paint.


All done! So what do I use it for?


A new home for my fountain pens and inks. I love it. A new life for a discarded library card catalogue.


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