Accessible Pedestrian Signals


The City is installing these new signals everywhere for the blind and visually impaired. I am not sure how many blind and visually impaired people can read the instructions. My guess is zero. And what’s with the instructions? “Finish Crossing If Started”? You don’t say! I thought I was supposed to stand still in the middle of the road and face the oncoming traffic and sing “fly me to the moon”. And just want do those bars under “Don’t Cross” mean? Trust me, there are no bars anywhere. If you expect to see a progress bar telling you how much longer you need to stand in the -40c temperature before you can cross, you will be very disappointed because all you will see is the don’t-talk-to-me hand glaring at you. And I swear the blasted red hand stays on longer the colder it gets.  So dear city councillors, if the purpose of these instructions are to keep us entertained while waiting for the eternal “don’t talk to me” hand to disappear and the little walking man signal to come up, I suggest putting up comic strips.


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