In Search of the Best Stylus

stylusI suppose I can retire some of my older styluses. The Pogo can definitely go. It is the most uncomfortable to use stylus ever. It is skinny and light, like grabbing matchstick and try to draw with it. The Intuos Creative Styluses are not bad but it took me 2 versions to realize I really don’t like the button on the grip because I accidentally click it about once every minute. The Jot Pro is good for letting me see exactly where the nib of the stylus is on the screen but the clicky sound it makes when the plastic disc touches the glass is distracting. The Sensu Brush is fun but really just gimmick. It is a brush but you will be disappointed if you think you can draw with the tip of the brush or press harder like using a real brush. You still have to press until the sensor hits the glass. The iCreate Crayon is fun and actually quite comfortable in the hand but the tip is too big. Pencil by Paper 53 is a keeper. I love the weight and the eraser is cool. My new shiny toy is the Apple Pencil. I only received it today and haven’t have time to play with it much. But I am loving it so far. Tilting the pen to make wider stroke is genius. I am hoping Pencil v.2 will provide better ways to keep the charger cap and the lightning adapter together. My prediction is that they will disappear on me within a week.


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