A Pen for the Colour Addicts


Cult Pens asked for wacky features if I get to design my own pen.  I love colours and I change inks in my fountain pens so often that I only fill my converter to a quarter full.  I also happen to hate flushing pens.  So here’s my wacky fountain pen design:

  1. Tiny converter
  2. Nib unit can be pulled out with converter all in one piece
  3. Pulled-out unit can be stored in tube which seals off the nib and prevent the ink from drying out
  4. Nib unit with converter can be purchased separately, ie, buy one pen and numerous nib/converter units so I can swap whatever ink colour I want into the pen, without having to flush the pen every time I change the ink.
  5. One last feature for good measure: since the converter is short, the barrel should be long enough to fit 2 converters in.  So why waste room?  We might as well put another nib/converter unit on the other end of the pen.  One pen, 2 nibs, 2 colours.

2 thoughts on “A Pen for the Colour Addicts

    • Hi Danny, I did tried different technical pens. I like fountain pens because the softness of the nib creates variation in line thickness. This, with some high shading inks can create very interesting effect that technical pens can’t produce. My problem is that I really dislike the process of flushing pens, and it is unavoidable when I need to switch to a different ink colour.

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